Atlanta colocation at 56 Marietta is best for high bandwidth, media streaming, router hosting, and interconnection

Benefits of Atlanta Colocation at 56 Marietta

One of Atlanta's oldest buildings is its most Internet connected building.  All the major carriers are represented at TelX's 56 Marietta building.  Bandwidth and loops are less expensive.  56 Marietta houses the AtlantaIX peering point as well as a number of local and regional ISPs.  The 160,000 square feet of space in this building house most of Atlanta's Internet movers and shakers.  Local loops from AT&T are less expensive in the building also.

The combination of providers, fiber, and the fact that the building is nearly fully leased, means that TelX can price their space and services higher than many other colo facilities.  We have had rack space in 56 Marietta since before TelX bought the building.  And so, we can lease rack space to you at a favorable rate with bandwidth.  Whether you need to colocate a single server or a full rack, we can help.  And we're right there in the Meet Me Room, where the carriers all interconnect!

Our Internet connectivity is awesome.  Besides having 4 transit providers - Level3, Sprint, Global Crossing and Cogent, we are also directly peered with 40 other ISPs, most at AtlantaIX.  This means that your server will enjoy high speed, low latency, shortest path, maximum redundancy and best performance.

If you need:

Server hosting for high bandwidth applications

Media Streaming

Router hosting

Connect frame relay or MPLS WAN to Internet

Interconnect a long distance connection to a local loop

Maximum security and fault tolerance

A presence in the Meet Me Room at 56 Marietta

A close connection to any of these companies

Then our Atlanta colocation facility is for you!

We also have a colo facilitiy in Marietta, Georgia.

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